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Rozalla Ft David Anthony – Everybody’s Free 2013

Rozalla Ft David Anthony - Everybody's Free 2013


In May 2013 a brand new breed of record label is born! The director of ‘Anesis Salon, Spa and Clinic’ Damien Zannetou forms Anesis Records with its first major release “Everybody’s Free 2013”

Looking for a personality to front his new line of anti-ageing skin care products, with the establishment of his new record company ‘Anesis Records’ and a strong love for Rozalla and the single which he grew up on in the 90’s, he decided to approach her to re-release the single with a more fresh and cutting edge up to date version.

Rozalla became his first signing; the single was re produced by chart producer David Anthony and ‘Everybody’s Free 2013’ was re-born.

The track has been licensed all over the world to a number of international territories both in Europe, Asia, the US and South Africa and independent labels and majors are all fighting over territories. There has never been such a stir.

The video was shot in Ibiza in May 2013 and was screened for the Cafe Mambos Opening Party of the season with Jonathan Digweed headlining the night.

With a string of tours lined up and a number of radio and television interviews on their way to discuss her come back single, future releases and the endorsement of the Anesis Skin Care range, 2013 looks like its set to be a great year for Rozalla and everybody else to feel good.