Lucky-LifeLucky Life Created in 2006, Lucky Life is a global events and entertainment brand focused on bringing quality entertainment to Lucky people all around the world. Over the last 6 years we’ve been hosting events, tours, radio broadcasts, promoting artists and forming collaborations in the UK, Ibiza, South Africa, Dubai and Australia and more recently, 2 years ago, launched our all new Lucky Life TV Channel…With our 2012 show – The Balance of Ibiza.

Lucky Life is about connecting with inspirational people, listening to new and exceptional music, experiencing sensational events and parties, travelling to the world’s most breathtaking locations, finding your favourite fashion and living life as an experience worth remembering.

Lucky Life was created by Mike Parry and is run by himself and his dynamic, innovative and passionate team, based in 5 destinations around the globe.

Lucky Life is about our way of Life, creating your own Luck, sharing experiences with your favourite friends and aiming to live your dream, each and every day.